This really is food which will make time fly

  • £10.95
  • “Giving Me Beef” Burger

    Our homemade burger is served with burger sauce, fries and a pot of our homemade slaw. (add cheese £1, egg 75p, 
bacon £1, pulled pork £2.50)

  • £9.95
  • “I Ain’t Got No Beef” Veggie Burger

    Our homemade veggie burger is primarily made up of carrot and courgette. Finished with a peanut butter twist and served with fries and a side salad (contains nuts) (Vegetarian and vegan option available)

  • £11.25
  • “Green Mile” 10oz Gammon Steak

    Served with your choice of egg or pineapple, fries, grilled tomato and peas (add an extra egg or pineapple 75p each) (gluten free option available)



  • £10.95
  • “Gaffers” Grilled Trout Fillet

    Served with buttered new potatoes and fresh steamed veg (Add Black Pepper Ranch Dressing £1) (Vegetarian and gluten free option available)

  • Half Rack £7.50 Full Rack £13.50
  • “Off The Rails” Ribs

    Slow cooked ribs covered in our grill house bbq sauce served with skin on fries and a pot of our homemade slaw

  • £11.95
  • “Law Breakers” Lamb and Mint Burger

    A refreshing and sumptuous mix of lamb and mint served with fries and a side salad

  • £10.95
  • “Prosecutions” Pulled Pork Burger

    Our 36 hour marinated and 14 hour slow cooked pulled pork will melt in your mouth, covered in layers of our grill house bbq sauce and served with fries and a pot of our homemade slaw

  • £12.95
  • “The Last Supper” Rump Steak

    Served to your preference with skin on fries, a flat mushroom, a grilled tomato, onion rings and peas. What more could you want!?! (Add ½ Rack of Ribs for £4.95 or Full Rack for £9.95,
    Add a Sauce for £1.95 - Béarnaise, Mushroom, Garlic Butter or Peppercorn) (Gluten free option avaialable)

  • £29.95
  • “The Mafia’s” Mixed Grill for Two

    10oz gammon steak, 8oz rump steak cooked to preference, 2 award winning sausages, chicken breast, 2 fried eggs, 2 grilled tomatoes, 4 onion rings and peas (Why not add some ribs or pulled pork?) (Gluten free option)